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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Yes, just before the directions for the front are directions for the pocket lining. You need to work 3inches on a separate cast on of 44sts to make a rectangle, the pocket lining. Then you're going to k27sts on the front of the dress, put the next 44sts onto a holder, use the same working yarn that you used to knit the 27sts to knit across the 44 pocket lining sts and finally knit 27sts. Follow the directions for the next 38rows. Then you'll be up to the pocket flap directions and finally a joining row for the front and the pocket flap.
Pretty dress pattern!
Thank you very much for your help...You know I haven't tried Kangaroo Pocket before..

I have some Handworks done on my blog maybe when you have time feel free to look for it..
God bless
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