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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
Maybe I use stitch markers a little differently than others do. Not only do they mark off the repeats, but they also help me determine where I am in the pattern. I often have trouble recognizing stitches in lace, so it really helps to have a marker from which to count from (and from that determine what stitch I just did and then promptly forgot). But no one who has ever met me has thought me "normal," so there ya go!
I was using the ridge created by the double decrease that way. It was easy to spot and I knew how many sts should be on either side of it within a repeat. Which STILL didn't keep me from doing an M1 and then promptly forgetting if that was the M1 at the end of the repeat or the beginning of the NEXT one.

I have to take a moment here and thank my Kninja Master girlfriend without whom I would NEVER have completed this thing. Because when you can drop down 3 or 4 rows and fix a flub in THIS? You deserve all the props you get. Especially when such a fix involves adding stitches in every row from three rows back up to the current one. To put it another way, there would have been much frogging and gnashing of teeth (not to mention swearing, of which there was plenty anyway). And I wouldn't be ANYwhere near finished.
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