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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
Ah. The marketing ploy. Probably because you need pretty small cables for size 2 needles.
Sure... that's what they want you to think!

Actually, that's the one explanation I can think of that makes sense. Hiya Hiya seems to have hung their hat on small needle sizes (they make them as small as US 00000000 -- or 0.5mm, which is the size of a fine mechanical pencil lead!) And as far as I know, they don't make anything larger than a US 15 (and I'm not 100% sure they even go that large -- they may stop at US 13).

Whatever their reasoning is, the results are effectively the same for my purposes. I'm going to have to buy stuff I don't need or spend almost as much getting the sizes I'd use that aren't included in the large set a la carte. Considering that the sets are $80 each, and I can get the basic Dreamz set for about the same amount, plus another $30-something for the "bulky" add-on set, the KP's soudn like a better deal. Plus I occasionally use US 4's. Not often, but once in a while.

I did NOT know that the Knitpicks tips would interchange with the Knitter's Pride though. That's very interesting.
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