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I did NOT know that the Knitpicks tips would interchange with the Knitter's Pride though. That's very interesting.
I got the sampler sets from Webs and Knit Picks, all pieces are interchangeable which means I have double of some sizes of tips and that's great. I ended up going with Knit Picks because I got free shipping and they had a 20% sale going, when I contacted WEBS they told me they couldn't/wouldn't consider free shipping. I think WEBS doesn't charge me sales tax and Knit Picks does, so the tax/shipping might have been a wash except for the 20% off. I have Cubics fixed circ size 3 and use it but prefer round needles. WEBs have the needle size on the tips but it's too small for me to read and that's not a selling point. Overall it seems that only the names and colors have been changed to protect the guilty. Having black and purple cables can help ID which piece of knitting is next, which needle to use if using 2 circs in the round. The colors on the wooden set from WEBS, as I recall each size was a different color, was something I wanted but in the end decided the Sunstruck set on sale would suit me nicely. It does. Whatever needles you decide to buy, I hope you love them. My one experience with Addi Turbo is forget it, never again. I am so so so glad there are different needles for different knitters and we can each choose what best suits our needs and finances. Now to buy a Powerball ticket so I can keep feeding my knitting addiction.

From the WEBS site:
WEBS cannot verify or guarantee that any other company’s needles or cords will work with Knitter’s Pride needles. But if you’ve purchased a Knitter’s Pride product from us, we guarantee the product 100% with our no-questions-asked replacement policy.
And, as always, YMMV.
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