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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Serendipity? Or did you expect the frosty effect to come out as it did?
Pretty much serendipity. I'd done color changes this way before, but they were never done in pattern stitches. So I didn't really know exactly what to expect. I was pretty sure it would turn out cool though. (No pun intended.)

I was busting some stash on a cat blanket once and had several different shades of acrylic. In that case I didn't carry one color ALL the way through, but they were in a "rotation". Got kind of a gradient effect. But that was using 4 strands, and only changing one color at a time. I didn't have enough different shades of grey to do that with this (or the skill to work that many strands in this pattern).

Wendy has a sweater she made a long time ago that she did by winding 3 colors into 2 balls, with one color common to both and then doing a Fair Isle pattern using those two the way you'd normally use two single colors. The effect was pretty neat. I'm not half good enough with Fair Isle to attempt something like that -- yet. But maybe one day...
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