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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post

Boy, do I hear you there! I finally decided which features mattered most to me and the tapered points on the wooden needles were the main deciding feature. That's where having a metal and wooden set in the same size came in really handy. After that the colors or other features fell into place in an acceptable manner. I liked the lighter color of the Sunstrucks as it's easier to see most colors of yarn against them.
For me a flexible cable will compensate for a lot. There's nothing I find more annoying in a circular needle than trying to knit with the approximate equivalent of two sticks glued to a Slinky. Just about anything else I'll deal with -- even if grudgingly. Number two on the list is probably a smooth, well tapered join to the cable. nothing makes Magic Loop less fun than having to fight with the needle you're trying to get back into the stitches. (Of course only PART of that is the needle... most of it is the stitches. )
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