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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Well we were using the term KAL to mean 2 different things. Usually it means everyone working on the same pattern at the same time for their own use. But cheley was thinking of everyone working on the same project for you. That can work when you're doing squares for a blanket or wrap and each square must be the same size; I think they may do that in some of the Charity Forum KALs. But a sweater needs to be fitted to a specific size and people would all have to have the same gauge so the piece would fit together. I've read about a knitter who worked on something with her sister - she used a needle 2 sizes smaller than given in the pattern and her sister used one 2 sizes larger and they both got the same gauge. So it can be tricky. I think a wrap, shawl or small throw may be a better idea for your aunt, it would be easier to make, doesn't have to fit a specific size and probably be a lot more versatile, especially for her to take to chemo treatments.
Wendy and I can't collaborate on most projects for the same reason. If you consider the size on the ball band as zero, then she'll be at -2 and I'll be at least +1 and if the yarn is very, very forgiving we might get the same gauge from it. And that's two people sitting right next to each other comparing notes. Now she can match my gauge, because she's just that good. But try to go the other way and it's a train wreck. Increase the number of knitters and make the sofa the size of... Earth, and it gets exponentially harder to maintain gauge with every person you add.

But that's not to say that a collaborative effort can't work at all, just that the project would need to be something not gauge-critical.
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