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I actually really like using DPNs. I've used ML (or some variation thereof), but I go back to my DPNs time and time again. DPNs are awkward on the first round to be sure, but once you get past that, things get much easier.

At first DPNs scared me--how do I hold all four or five needles at once. Then I realized that you don't hold any more needles with this method than you do in normal (flat knitting). In fact, you can ignore all the other needles most of the time cause you're just working with two of them. The only time I pay attention to the other needles is to make sure my stitches aren't sneaking (i.e., slipping) off. I use bamboo DPNs a lot, so this doesn't happen that often.

Yeah, I'd say watch a few videos with yarn and DPNs in hand. The best way to learn is to jump in and do it. If you get stuck or are having a specific problem, come here and ask; you're sure to get some help.
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