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Originally Posted by MrsJacks View Post
If DPNs aren't really your thing, you could learn Magic Loop, which uses only one pair of long (32" or longer) circular needles. Once I learned ML, I never used DPNs again.
I've done ML on needles as short as 24", but I'd recommend at least 29" for most things. The size of the work is the deciding factor for me. If the maximum diameter you're going for is small enough, you could theoretically do it on needles even shorter than that. I'd suggest using at least a 32" needle, but if what you have is only 29" long, there's (probably) no need to run out and get a longer one. And you probably have a short circular in the same size ( say a 16" one?) so if ML doesn't do it for you you could always go to the 2 circular technique if you had to. That's sort of a hybrid between DPNs and ML anyway, and (if you just WANT to learn DPNs) might be a good way to get used to joining using multiple needles -- without the hazard of 6 or 8 points sticking out at random intervals.
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