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I've just bought Knitting Stitches by Mary Webb (arrived yesterday), it has over 300 different stitches to try.

As a fairly beginner knitter I want to learn a bit more and try some new stitches. The book is a small format (about 6.5" square) so some of the pictures are a bit small, but I like that it fits in my project bag. There's a section on basic knitting and techniques, plus a couple of pages describing how charts work (I can't read a chart so hope this helps me) and then the stitches are divided into sections (Knit & Purl, Twisted, Lace, Cables etc) and each stitch section has a number of patterns at an easy, intermediate and advanced level, so plenty for beginners and more advanced folks.

I only read through a few pages last night but it seems very readable. I read the reviews on Amazon before I bought it and it only get 3 stars, but most people have marked it down because it's a reprint and they thought it was a new title, not because the book wasn't any good.

For my needs it seems perfect and I hope it encourages me to be more adventurous in my knitting.
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