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Round Sizing
Hello again everyone. I'm back with another question. Before you ask, my scarf is coming along very nicely. Since frogging it the other day I've gotten it almost a foot long. And 5 color changes.

I've also started another project, this one is inspired by the posting from fatoldladyinpjs about the Solders that knit.

I've decided to do the watch cap but with slight variations. I'm going for 2 tone black and white with black being the bulk of the project with 3 parallel white stripes wrapping halfway round horizontally. That's not my problem. I've working using DPN's never done it before and last night I sorta figured out working DPN, and got my cast on onto my 3 needles. My issue though is the sizing looks off. I followed the pattern for the cap using 108 stitches divided up between 3 needles, but it's looking a bit small.

Tonight I can post a pic of where it's currently at for some feedback as far as stitch spacing goes for casting on. Where it's at now though the hole looks barely large enough to fit a toddlers head. Possibly 4 - 6 inches diameter.

As always I appreciate your input.
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