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My 365 Knitted Stitches Perpetual Calender Afghan
Thank you all for replying. I did not know about the monthly Knit Along Afghans. Thanks for the Link. I saw it now. It is Funny you all thought I was going to Knit an Afghan a Day for Each Stitch! Wow! I am an experienced and Fast Knitter. I have knitted a Complicated Cables Sampler Afghan Twin Size in 2 months in 2005. I have Knitted the Vintage 100 Stitches Knitting Primer in 1976 but took 3 months for it. But this year I started Knitting 4" x 4" Swatches. I tried crochet around each square to keep it from Puckering. I may just knit the squares and hand write the Pattern as well as write a chart and make a 3 ring Binder!!!. Now I am knitting one more in a very planned way 365 knitted Stitches Perpetual Calender Afghan. I am following Strictly this Perpetual Calender published by Martingale & company just for the heck! This calender has been sitting on my Desk for the past 10 years catching dust with me changing to the current date several times a year. The stitches seemed very simple and basic so did not interest me.I was busy Knitting Complicated Cables and Lace. But this year I thought I will start this no Brainer! Wrong. I am designing my own version but sticking to knitting the stitches by the day of this Calender published by Maringale & company. Yes there are millions of Stitches and Variations and knit Alongs and Afghans around but I am making this my own Unique Project. I have stitched a Needle Point Perpetual Calender in 1991. So I am adding my own stuff and it has to be penned even before I get started on the very First Swatch.Since Jan 1 2013 after I started this,I finished 2 Sweaters and 2 Hats and leggins for my Grandson 2, and my Granddaughter(1) ,and a Baby Cocoon with Cap for newborn due this week ! I will Post my one weeks work hopefully by tomorrow and will catch up with Jan before I go onto Feb. Please follow me. I really appreciate your input and comments.
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