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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
It is rather skinny, I believe if I space out the stitches I'm getting 6 - 8 per inch. Too small?

Again I can post pics tonight, as long as I do it before I start knitting. Once that happens I'm done for the night.
Small alarm goes off here when you say "space out the stitches". I'm not sure what you're saying here. If you mean stretching the swatch, that's not an altogether bad idea when you're doing a hat, because it'll be stretched when you wear it. But if you're counting the stitches while they're on the needle, you're not getting an accurate count. They'll be oriented differently once you've gotten them off the needle and you might actually be closer to the prescribed gauge than you think.

Plus there's a big difference between 6 and 8 stitches per inch. And that difference has a bigger effect the bigger the piece is. At 6 sts/in 108 sts gives you 18" at 8 sts/in it's only 13 1/2". At 5.5 it's 19.6" and at 5 you get 21.6" so if you're actually at 6 sts/in, your hat is 3.6" smaller than it would be at 5 sts/in. That's a long way to stretch, even if the hat is ribbed.

If you take that same difference and scale it up to a sweater, you get a Frankensweater that will house a small tribe of pygmies from an obscure island nation in the Pacific Rim. (Ask me how I know. )
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