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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
Garrotte the needle seems to be exactly my problem, even with the scarf. The whole stitch uniformity thread was pretty much about that I just couldn't explain it as well as the word garrotte describes it. Same thing with this project I believe my stitches are just too tight and closely spaced.
It's a common difficulty, especially when you're just starting out. I think it must come from trying to hold all that stuff together and do all that other stuff at the same time. Plus, there's a natural tendency to wrap the yarn tight around the needle to make sure the stitch is the "right size".

What finally(!) worked for me was letting the working yarn rest in the "pocket" where the two needles cross and not trying to pull it any further beyond that point before pulling the needle tip through to make the stitch. And it was (and sometimes still is) HARD. I'd gotten used to that comforting "clink" (or "click") the needles made against each other when the yarn snapped through that gap and it was a little unnerving to not have that indicator that everything was were it was supposed to be. But once you've gotten that rhythm into muscle memory, and realize how much easier everything ELSE is because of it, you'll be a lot happier. Not to mention faster.

I'll definitely post some photos of the cast on row, how far should I go past that to gauge sizing, a few rounds?
Yeah, the cast on round won't tell you much as far as gauge goes. As for how many rounds you'd want to go... you'll probably get a different answer from everybody. I'd say at a minimum you need enough to get the fabric to lay flat so you can measure it. The "usual" gauge swatch is 4" x 4", but you're probably not too awfully concerned with the number of rounds per inch. If it's a little long, no biggie. Besides which, by the time you have 4" of hat you're almost halfway done with most hats anyway.
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