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BabyDrops 14-28
Has anyone done this pattern?
I'm trying to make it for my son, who's one and I'm using a US4 3.5mm circ needle and 2 rolls of Lionbrand fishermans wool. The gauge swatch came out about 2.5" smaller than it should be, but I suppose that's okay, I can just make him a bigger size.

Joining the CO was difficult for me and I messed up the first try so not I'm working on it again. Are there any tips to joining so that I don't twist it again. I can't find anything on it online so I'd appreciate any help or advice on it.

I've been knitting for about 4 years but I'm not that good at all, I'm better at crocheting...

I'd add the link to it, but I don't have enough posts yet :(
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