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The videos should come up near the top of the search results, but you have to make sure you are using the site search and not the forum search. The site search is in the upper right corner across the top of all the pages on the site (the red bar). If you use the forum search it will only give you forum posts and threads.

Now that said, the site search does leave something to be desired. We are planning on rolling our own search (right now we outsource that to google) with the plan of making the search more accurate and useful, particularly when it comes to finding specific vides by name, aka, and abbreviation. The KH iPhone app is much better than the website in this regard and our hope is to bring the search features of the app to the website.

The site currently has 163 videos (and growing)! So we definitely want to make it easier for folks to find things.

Thanks for your patience as we work and re-work things on KnittingHelp.
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