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Hi, everyone...I'm Vicki from Indianapolis, IN. Started knitting when I was 12 (a neighbor taught me and my two sisters). Then in my 30's when I was busy with three school aged children all in sports, working full time and going to Nursing School, knitting was put on the back burner. In fact, it pretty much stayed on the back burner until this past year (I'm 66 and retired now). I knitted a prayer shawl for one of the women in our parish, who has stage four ovarian cancer that has spread to her liver. She will be on chemo the rest of her life. I guess the word got out that I was knitting and several of the women in our parish asked me to teach them...then our parish nurse asked if I'd like to start a Prayer Shawl Ministry. It is amazing how it all just evolved. Now we have 13 members. Most of us are retired and on fixed incomes, and others have been homeless and are finally in housing, but barely have enough money to get by. I go to thrift stores weekly and have lucked out once in awhile with a bag of assorted yarn for maybe $3-$4. But it is not always available. We have been fortunate to have some donations too, which I have distributed to our 13 members, but will need more as time goes on. It is such an important ministry. It is amazing how touched this woman was when we gave her our first shawl (our inaugural shawl) fact, the following week at church she seemed transformed. She went from wearing a scarf and being scared of dying to coming in bald (and proud of it) and resuming her duties on the liturgy committee...she has a glow about her now.

I found your site (which is wonderful and so helpful) to refresh my memory on some of the skills that were I can teach others in our ministry to knit. I am grateful you are here. I am sure I'll continue to learn...I have a lot of catching up to do. No more back burner for my knitting.
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