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What the pattern is..
Well, I'll see about posting a picture..

In the mean time, I do remember what the pattern is, but my knitting slang might be a little bit rusty...

I believe it was something like.. "Cast on 193. K for 7 rows. Incs 59 sts on last row.
K6,* in next st k1,p1,k1. Move next stitch to other needle, k2tog, Slip st back over. Repeat from * till there's 6 sts left. K6.
Then k all of next row.
K6,* Move next st to other needle, k2tog, slip st back over. In next st k1,p1,k1. Repeat from * till there's 6 sts left. K6"

Then I think that once it got to the right size (5x4 feet I think.) I was supposed to decrease to 193, then k 7 rows.. Does this help??
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