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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I decided to try the circular gauge swatch video and tried searching for it, no videos came up but there were threads. I think I'm just dense. I never remember which section some videos are in. The cast ons or increases and decreases are pretty easy to find but some are just more elusive. I'll just not worry about it and post links for whatever videos I find. It's just that I'd rather post links for KH videos whenever I can.
I put in video: gauge in the red search box at the very top of the page (located above all the tabs, just below the red banner with Knitting Help ads) and got this:

There some google ads at the top, but the first link right below those is Circular Gauge Swatch |, "How to knit a gauge swatch for your “knit in the round” project. Also a couple of tips for skipping the gauge swatch altogether! Category: knitting in the round ..."

I hope that helps.

I use this technique for google searches too; you can put in a website, with a colon, and google will only search there rather than the entire internet.

knittinghelp: gauge video =>

Second item from the top.
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