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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
No matter what I try to search for the Search field is emptied and I get white space. Searching for a video will take me to the Videos page. This attempt was done from the Home page, the terms were "video: gauge". I accept that I have settings that are incompatible and that's OK. It could even be something to do with my Linux OS but since Chrome works for searches I don't think so. Waiting minutes makes no difference.

I don't expect modifications for my individual situation. I make choices about how I use the web and I deal with what does and doesn't work right. Later I may try changing some things to see if I can figure out my situation. Till then, all's good.
You probably have an ad block setting. When you do a search, the first thing to come up is a box of other website ads, then if you scroll down below that you see search results. Do you still get nothing when you scroll? A lot of ad block software will just leave empty space where an ad would be.
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