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One thing to check is to see whether or not your have javascript disabled. Recently we have seen some people mistakenly disable javascript because there was a recent report about an exploit in Java and the recommendation was to disable Java immediately.

Javascript and Java are two completely different things. Disabling Java is prudent and recommended. Disabling javascript isn't recommended and can cause many modern website not to work properly.

We routinely tested on the most popular browsers to ensure things work as they should. Sometimes we miss something or sometimes a new browser comes out and causes something to act weird. But as of recently, the site, including search, should work on great on the usual suspects of browsers: IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

I am planning on pushing up our schedule for having a video search implemented into KH. I may try to cobble together a quick beta in the next few days and release it. I will let you know by posting here.


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