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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
Yeah, that. There are several that if that was all I had available....I'd go do something else. I have the equivalent of probably 2 sets of Knitpicks NP, several of the birch KP needles, and a couple Hiya Hiya. I love all of these. Also have a few Addi Turbos I'd use in a pinch, but they aren't really pointy enough. The others I won't use are collecting dust somewhere.
I pink puffy heart my Hiya Hiyas and KP's. But I borrowed an old aluminum 10.5 Wendy had lying around recently for the Try The Decaf scarf and it was just pure evil. I don't know who made it, I just know I hope I never have to use one again. Fortunately I've been able to "test drive" several different makes and models, so I pretty much know what I like and don't have to endure buying something on speculation only to find out too late that it's 2 sticks glued to a Slinky.
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