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Originally Posted by MerigoldinWA View Post
I just wanted to suggest you try 4 dpns, in case you haven't heard of that or tried it. Some people find one or the other method to be much easier for them personally than the other. It seems like such a small thing that it couldn't matter, but it does, for some of us at least. I prefer 4 unless there is a real need for the extra needle.
It's not the number of needles, it's that I really don't like knitting in the round. However, I find the multiple needles easier to manipulate than the cable, so I *almost* enjoy it. It's better too since I passed the ribbing and am doing all knit stitches now.

Thanks for the suggestion, although I really don't want to drop any of my needles. I hold two needles alongside each other to do the stitches from one needle to the next, with the other two needles forming a triangle, and I don't think that would work as well with one less needle.
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