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Dog Sweater Help
Hi Everyone - I'm new to this site. I looked around at other boards and found that this one seems to be the most active and helpful. I hope someone here can help me. I haven't knitted in nearly 30 years, but have been inspired to pick it back up by my dogs - they are kind of an in-between size and I can never find sweaters that fit them well. Anyway, I started a very basic sweater from the Leisure Arts book Dog Gone Cute. According to them, it's "easy," but I'm stuck. I have gotten through the collar and the beginning of the body, but when I get to the arm holes, I don't understand the instructions at all. The last row I did was:

Leg Openings: 1st row: K7. Bind off next 6 sts. K56(including st on needle after bind off). Bind of next 6 sts. Knit to end of row.

Okay, did that. But now it says:

Note: All Leg Sections are worked at the same time using a separate ball of yarn for each section.
Beg with a purl row, work 1-1/2" in stocking st from bound off sts, ending with RS facing for next row.

Huh? I don't really understand this. Do I need to do the three sections separately? What about my needles? How do I get over the bound off stitches? I hope I'm explaining my confusion in a non-confusing way!
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