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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
@mojo11, don't discount the stainless needles just don't get the ones that aren't interchangeable.
If I opt for the other set it'll probably be for other reasons. Like not wanting to buy a bunch of stuff I'll never use because of the way the sizes run in the small and large sets -- with cables that don't interchange between sets.

This particular set has the braided stainless sheathed in plastic, which would help with strain relief, but also adds to the thickness -- and possibly stiffness -- of the cable. Since the single length needles don't use this kind of cable, I don't have a way of finding that out unless I get the set. And that's a lot of cake to lay out on speculation. The other set I'm looking into is the one my girlfriend got (actually two sets... she got the "add-on" set with the larger sizes too). With that one I have the advantage of being able to try them out first. And they cost a bit less once you're done with all the extras. Actually, now I do the math, it's a good bit less ($40 or more).
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