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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
I've not used dpn much but I find that if I tuck the end of the last needle under the tip of the needle I now have in my left hand, just making sure the stitches are close together and tightening the 2nd st. just a little takes care of laddering. If what you're doing works and isn't awkward, that's great. I just can't imagine me doing it that way. Have you watched videos so to see how others handle the needles? I'm not a really tight knitter these days.

No, I've never watched a knitting video. I learned to knit at my (now closed) LYS and at that time my instructor told me that she had never seen any hold their needles the way I did, but it seemed to be working for me so she didn't try to correct it. I've been told the same thing about the way I hold a crochet hook, so I pretty much figure *everything* I do knitting and crocheting is not quite *right*.
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