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This place is so fun! You get help even when you don't need it!

I just find stockinette/garter stitch tedious and somewhat boring; I don't enjoy straight knitting that's all garter stitch either.

However, as I am both trying out DPNs for the first time AND a project where I am making two identical object (legwarmers), I did not want to take on too much by trying a stitch pattern more complicated than a simple rib. (I'm doing stockinette on the leg part and rib at each end, needlessly fearful that they will end up uneven and lopsided. )

This is in-the-round project #3; my first two (a baby hat and a dog sweater) were done using magic loop. I swore off round knitting after the dog sweater but then decided to give DPNs a chance. I'm having a much better experience, even though I find it a bit tedious when I don't have any other distractions (like conversations or TV.)

Thanks for the helpful and well-intentioned suggestions! What I really need though is a way to make an all knit stitch project less tedious -- that's the part I'm not enjoying so much!
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