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Thanks guys!
I think I will do just the regular long tail cast on and knitted bind-off for the first one, especially as I anticipate mangling it when I go to secure the steek, but the provisional cast-on idea has gotten me thinking again about cast-on I had originally planned to use: channel island (great Eunny Jang clip).
I think the little beads would be a really sweet little detail since it is a bit more like a piece of jewelry than a sweater. But to address the issue of making both sides match, I was thinking that when I get to the point where I'm a row or two from the end garter stitch edge I could start a second piece with the channel island co and then kitchener stitch it to the bracelet.
Does that make sense?
It makes sense to me but sometimes I get odd ideas which lead to lots of frogging later.
Lastly, my google searches led me to this page from Ann Budd's blog where she talks about a Channel Island Bind-Off () described in Vintage Modern Knits. So, I'm wondering if anyone has this book and is the bind-off really as good as she says it is? I shouldn't be buying knitting books right now, but I really want a matching bind-off. I'm already planning how to justify yet another knitting book purchase to Mr. Rie.
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