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Originally Posted by dudeKnit View Post
Rie, what is a KA set? I'm still not up to speed on all the brands. Or terminology for that matter.
Sorry! That did sound a little cryptic.
KA stands for Kinki Amibari, which is a Japanese needle company. So they are like Clover but much better and cheaper. Really they are like Crystal Palace needles if you've ever used those, but of course lots cheaper!
I was buying them at my LYS but the owner says they are too hard for her to get now. I don't really understand the complexities of the knitting industry but thankfully I can still get them online at places like Paradise Fibers. However, I am a little worried by what my LYS owner told me. How could they be hard to get as they are so awesome? Are they going out of business? Should I be stocking up on replacement cords, etc? Is my LYS having difficulties? So many unknowns...
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