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rib3 cast off 1st in rib....?
using Love Knitting magazine from Barnes and Noble. working on a chunky jumper that is using a rib st pattern 2x2 then 6x2. Have done well so far but now I'm working on the front piece and I'm shaping the neck.
I dont understand what they mean by
rib 3 cast off 1st in rib, rib 2 cast off 1st in rib, rib 3

then on the 4th row then it does this again but its
rib 4 cast on 1st, rib 3 cast on 1st . work 2 rows more in rib cast off in rib
Please help making a baby gift made the hat that goes with the jumper but sweaters are hard to do when your first learning how to do themThanks in advance..
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