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Originally Posted by Teri313 View Post
Thank you GrumpyGramma. I spent about a week trying to find someone I know who could help me and the closest I could come was a co-worker's mother has a friend who might be able to help, but after 5 days of waiting, I gave up and found this board and got my answer in less than a half hour. Awesome! I am now beyond the armholes and working on the body. I'm sure my questions aren't over yet and I'm so glad you all are here and so helpful.

You've learned more than you realize. When you get to making a sweater, you'll already know how to work the two front sides at the same time, something many patterns call for. If your pattern doesn't, you'll be able to do it anyway. You've already learned some of the most important things in knitting. When I first posted here I was shocked at how quickly I got a response.
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