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Joining on circular needles
I'm trying to learn knitting on circular needles and came across a slight hindrance in my progress: the join! I looked up the tutorial on this website but it did not really specify how I'm supposed to join the two ends of the circle together. The pattern I'm using is for a hat. I cast on 80 stitches and the first 10 rows are a k2p2 rib pattern, so I joined the sides and knitted the first row of the rib pattern, but when I came to the end of the round I had an uneven number of stitches! I'm supposed to end on 2 purls, but I ended up with an extra knit stitch. Is the join supposed to be counted as the first stitch, meaning my join-stitch is the first of 2 knit stitches? Or do I join first (meaning 1 knit stitch, from the looks of it) and then start counting?
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