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A quick vent
I hope this is the right place for this topic; MODs, please move it if it isn't.

Anyway, it's a quick rant about knitting. I've seen many of the videos/tutorials/etc here, gotten help from other sources... and any knitting I do STILL ends up a horrible knotted mess, or completely unraveled because the damn stitches won't stop dropping. It doesn't matter what the pattern is; it can be simple knit stitch and it will end up a mess. I've lost track of the amount of projects I've had to drop because of this. After frogging or outright starting over (after somehow getting the mass of knots untangled) so often... well... I give up on that particular pattern.

What'll help make knitting less difficult?

(Sorry if it's not terribly coherent. I've been attempting to knit for the last five-six years and I'm so tired of never getting any of right. Today was fighting a basic cable pattern. Yep, tangles and dropped stitches and yarn going everywhere but where it's supposed to go AGAIN.
It's acrylic yarn I use; wool makes my lungs feel weird and cotton's not common around here, or cheap.)
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