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So sorry to hear you've been having trouble getting going. Maybe a switch in the type of needle would help. If you're using metal, try wood/bamboo as they 'grip' the yarn better and the sts may not slide off as easily. Another thing you might try would be circular needles instead of straights. You can knit flat on them and because the stitches stay on the cords and aren't crowding on the ends, may drop off less. I've been using circs only since my second project and a few years ago I wanted to make a sample of something and the only empty needles I had were some straight ones. I couldn't knit with them because they were so awkward to balance! I can see where being new and trying to do as well as remember how to make the stitches along with trying to balance the end of the stitcks makes it harder to learn knitting.

Also you might switch hands - if you're holding the yarn in the right, try the left, if in the left, try the right. It may be easier for you the other way. If the yarn you unravel is tangling, wind it into a ball as you rip out, or fold up the skein and wind the loose yarn around it. But hang in there, you may get it yet. If you can find a beginner class at a yarn store, that may help to have someone show you in person how to manuever everything.
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