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Pattern help
Making a baby sweater from Plymouth Cotton Kisses. Everything comes with the ball of yarn. My question is this the yoke pattern is2 row of knitting the knits and 2 rows of purling the purls. On the row where I start the neck shaping I have 52 stitches and knit 24 in pattern. This row starts with P1, K2, P2....across. So I end up with a P at 24 and then bind off 4 stitches. So shouldn't I start up after the 4 stitches with a P again (end with p, bo1=P, bo2=k,bo3=k, bo4=p, so next stitch in pattern should be a purl? But doesn't it take 5 stitches to bind off 4? After the bind off of 4 it says to knit in pattern the remaning 24 stitches, but wouldn't it really be 23? I am sooo confused.
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