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As a beginning knitter myself, going on a month now. I know your frustration, the skilled fingers in the videos made my head spin and my wife can tell you I've screamed out "why kind of voodoo is that" when watching some of the videos and it's like a Sigfried and Roy prestidigitation.

I currently have 2 projects going, a hat which I started a few days ago on my second attempt at it, and a scarf which I started a month ago and I lost counts at the number of attempts I'm at. A change in needles made all the difference in the world with me. I tried the craft store brand needles and the fabric store brand, I ended up going to an actual yarn shop and got a good set of needles (circulars) I paid about 2 or 3 dollars more than what I did for needles at the craft stores and I got some great RL contacts, if I have a question I can call them or pop in the shop and they are more than eager to lend help.

What helps me to not lose stitches is to grip the 2nd loop from the one I'm trying to stitch, doing this tends to keep it from sliding off. Another thing that helped was to do a swatch, last night I started a swatch to learn to purl, yes I know I'm an elite knitting but I only know how to do the knit stitch. So on my hat the pattern is k1 p1, so I did a small swatch on 5mm needles so I could really see the work and get the feel for the stitch as well as allow my hands to memorize the movements before I start on the hat.

Your biggest asset will be your patience and your desire to learn. Keep at it, it is very rewarding and almost instantly so, it isn't long before you can see something you've made with your hands grow and actually begin to look like something. As for my scarf it is not 100% perfect, it has flaws but I think they add character to the garment so I'll leave them in.

I don't claim to know everything about stitching but I do know our brains are wired for pattern recognition, stitching is all about pattern if you think about it and look at a sweater or a hat, practice so your fingers know what to do, the rest will fall into place.

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