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Gee, I hadn't checked back here in days (or weeks?) and am so happy to see so many people responded. Thanks everyone! I have been feeling so very alone since friendly neighbours stopped coming by. It was curious to discover how many friendly people were concerned about my adventure. Many wanted to know "what does a heart attack feel like?"

and now the weather is keeping me housebound, except for short daily walks up and down the hilly roads. Nothing much to see out the windows but snow and some wildlife (we feed deer and birds, just to watch them). Here is one particular cutie who stares into the house windows, hoping we'll come out with seeds.

and these two are curiously following my DH as he walks out with some buckets of feed.

I'm glad that I have knitting.....but seem to be unable to actually make any headway with it brain seems fuzzy, maybe due to all the drugs.
I do believe that the anaesthetic has finally left my body, as that dull, horrid : "I should be dead" thought is now gone.....{shiver}.

I hear ya all about losing weight, and have been eating very sparsely for 3 weeks now. Getting real tired of stir fry though. I have a pork tenderloin waiting to be cooked for today's meals, and lots of veggies, and quinoa.

I sure miss salt though.
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