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You need a bit more spaces, that may help you to read it better. Here's the sts broken down and I replaced the " with a * as that's how patterns are usually written -

(K1p1) twice, k1 is 5 sts
*p3 - 3
(inc in next st),k1) twice, or kfb k1, kfb, k1 - uses 4 sts, adds 2 for a total of 6
inc in next st, [kfb] uses 1, adds 1 - total is 2
p3 - uses 3
(ybk s1 yft p2) 2 times, [sl1, then p2, sl1, then p2] uses 6, total of 6
ybk,s1.yft* - 1 st
at this point you'd have 5+3+6+2+3+6+1 for a total of 26 sts.
rep from *to* 2 times [repeat from the previous * twice more] - there's 21 sts in the repeat, twice more is 42 plus the 26 gives you a total of 68 now.

p3 - 3 sts
(inc in next st k1) twice - same as before, 6 sts
inc in next st - 2 sts
p3 - 3 sts
(k1,p1)twice k1. 5 sts
The last section is a total of 19 sts added to 68 is a row total of 87 stitches, just what you should have.

It may be that where it says "rep from " to " 2 times" you're reading that as do the repeated stitches twice only. But it means '2 times more' so you would do those stitches 3 times total. Do them once through the first time, then repeat them 2 times.
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