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Originally Posted by Kirbym View Post
See if you can work this out cast on 75 stitches then pattern reads as follows
(K1p1) twice,k1"p3(inc in next st),k1) twice,inc in next st,p3( ybk s1 yft p2) 2 times, ybk,s1.yft" rep from "to" 2 times, p3(inc in next st k1) twice, inc in next st,p3,(k1,p1)twice k1. (87 stitches)

I have tried knitting this but I cannot get it to come to 87 stitches when following the pattern, what am I doing wrong? I am sure the answer is simple but your advice will be appreciated, thanks,
OK. What I'm seeing is that they have 9 increased they want you to do by the way the pattern is written, but that doesn't cover you knitting across the 75 stitches that you started with, but if you do that last part from after it says "2 times" 2 times as well you have the right amount of increases 12 (but I didn't count the total amount of stitches if you do that).
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