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Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
Was that the picture on the ballband?
Just winding it into useful balls is a couple of months work. It looks like you could double it and still make several sweaters. Wow!
Nah. There is no ballband on this yarn. It came from Twisted Sisters, who do a lot of hand-dyeing of wool yarn at their place in California. My thought is that maybe they dyed this yarn for a project, then decided the color wasn't exactly what they wanted.

It's FIVE POUNDS of fingering weight wool. I wish I had a big enough swift to hold it all. I guess I'll have to wrap it around some dining room chairs and walk around the two of them with my ball winder. I will probably get dizzy doing that. the way. The "movie poster" was an image that I found online. Has nothing to do with the yarn.
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