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There are only about five or six stitches in crochet to learn and once you understand them, you're really past the basics. Oh, and many stitches (particularly, the triple crochet, double triple crochet, and so on) are just a derivative of a double crochet. The change comes in the number of times you wrap the yarn around the hook to begin with and how many loops you pull it through to complete the stitch . . . . so same song, just a bit more of it, if you will.

I like the look of crochet, too, and there are all kinds of stitch patterns to choose from. If you flip through a crochet stitch book, you might be surprised at the variety of patterns you can achieve with crochet. And almost all of those patterns use the same basic five or six stitches.

Your dishcloth looks great! I don't see any mistakes! Very impressive for your first crochet project!
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