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What to do??/
I am making my first sweater that is knitted in pieces....I have made the back and the two fronts and know I am on my first sleeve...however I am a little is the pattern for the sleeves.....
Make two.
With smaller needles, CO 33 sts.
K1, p1 rib for 16 rows (this makes a nice cuff you can turn back to adjust sleeve length as needed).
Change to larger needles.
Work 36 rows St st and AT THE SAME TIME inc 1 st each end of Rows 3, 11, and 19 - 39 sts.
Shape Armhole And Cap
BO 4 sts beg next 2 rows.
Purl one row.
Cont in St st and dec 1 st each end next and every 4th row until 7 sts rem as follows:
K1, sl1, psso, work to last 3 sts, K2tog, k1.

Now where is says to to the increase it says rows 3, 11 and 19 - 39 does that mean that I do an increase on 19 - 39 rows or just those sts??? and if it is just those stst then in what row???? I am a little lost here...please help me so I can finish and put it together and see what it looks like......thank you!!!!
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