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I've been trying to help a friend online with this pattern it's written horribly. I have it on my bravo big skein
I can't even really understand what they want her to do. I'm going to refer her to this thread

The yarn will make up the scarf as described in the method. Milward 10mm needles

Basic Pattern
Alt K1, P1; work 1 yarn-over before each stitch. On all foll rows work sts as they appear and a yarn-over before each stitch, let the yarn-overs of previous row slide off the needle

In basic pattern about 7 sts and 7 rows, each to 10cm

For about 33cm in width cast on 24 sts and work in basic patt. When work measures about 95-105cm, just before the end of the ball, cast off all sts. See cast-on and cast-off edges tog.
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