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(That IS a gorgeous afgan, GG... wow!)

Anyway, just a wave to Lovebug and to say that's a great washcloth. I am brand new to crochet, too, except for the sc edging in knitting patterns like you mentioned. I'm really enjoying it. I love the lacy edging stitches and am wanting to get some books from amazon payday on different lacy edgings. I do the same thing with the accidental decreasing --and increasing at times too, but got lots of help here.

It's that the last stitch on the row is smaller and easily lost or thought to be part of the edge, and I still have troubles determining if It's the stitch or not. I count every row after I've done it to make sure. Tedious but I imagine that I'll get to figure it out automatically one day. I'm better at spotting the first stitch now... it looks like a triangle to me. Otherwise I would skip it a lot and have to redo.

So we'll be learning together. Hope you continue and have lots of fun. Looking forward to seeing the pics. I wish I had more time to be here and see all the projects. Well, have a great day!
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