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Originally Posted by Paulaque View Post
about a year ago, and they have that clear plastic tubing between them, and are interchangeable, and with different lengths of tubing (bought that at the auto parts store), I can make my needles the length I need them to be for the pattern. I just don't like them because they are bamboo, and unlike most early knitters, I need those stitches to slide freely, was thinking of using a very fine sandpaper on them and then putting wax on them to make them less "grabby", but have not tried it yet.
I think I'd avoid the wax, and maybe the sandpaper too. Wax will sink into the pores of the wood (which is what it's supposed to do) and very possibly transfer to your yarn as you work it. And it doesn't wash out of fabric very well. Sandpaper -- even very fine sandpaper -- will open new grain in the wood, which might actually make it more "grabby". What you might try instead is fine steel wool. That will peel off the microscopic slivers on the surface, but leave the existing grain intact. Pay attention that you don't leave any steel wool fibers behind though, or you could wind up with "bonus fiber" in your work. Use the finest you can find, stainless if it's available, and you'll probably want to wear gloves while you're working with it. Nothing's more bothersome than a sliver of steel in your finger.
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