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Originally Posted by butlersabroad View Post
This thread amused me, not because the needles broke but because I found a couple of kindred spirits in the use of the tum when knitting! I have the weirdest knitting technique (according to other knitters) whereby I balance the right hand needle in an upright position on my tum, I think it's because I'd only used longer needles that tuck under my elbows leaving my hands mostly free for knitting. I found the dpns (7") so short and I'm not used to holding needles with my hands! This was my answer, although later in the evening when I've changed for bed I do find that the pointed end of the dpns needle goes straight through my jersey knitted pj's and I keep stabbing myself in the belly!!
I, also, am glad to not be alone stabbing myself with knitting needles. I have to do the same balancing on the belly with the right needle when I purl English style. I've switched to continental, but I haven't managed to figure out how to maneuver dpn's and knit continental, so I still do that English style and with very skinny pointy sock needles....ouch!
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