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Originally Posted by ABC's Mom View Post
I'm working on an afghan for my daughter and in the process noticed that all of the brown yarn I'm using has several splices in the yarn. Not knots like I've encountered before, just one ply in the yarn and it's not easy to see when crocheting, but very noticeable after the fact. I've had to rip several rows out, cut the yarn and restart more than once. There is just a little fuzzy place in the yarn that sticks out and is very annoying.
Has any one else had this problem?
I was doing something with Encore recently and ran into a splice like this. It didn't really cause me a problem because it turned out to be in a place where it wasn't obvious. Wendy said "We can fix that" but to date hasn't given me any details on how. And anyway, that's what she always says. And she can "fix that" -- or just about anything else. So when/if we get around to fixing it I'll let you know how we did it and how well it worked. My project isn't crocheted though, so the technique may not be transferable.
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