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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
I've never worked with needles that small. I'd be afraid I'd break them. I ordered some size 1 circulars to try for socks. I have a set of dpns for socks, but I feel so clumsy when I use them. I'm hoping ML will work better for me. I'm excited to try.
I like ML but my limited experience with dpn makes me think it wouldn't be so bad for making a whole sock, I might even like it. Yeah, aluminum sock needles can bend but they still knit! The thought of something grabbier for that small...not for me I think. I have 2 sets of sock dpn. They come in handy for holding a few stitches if I'm rearranging or want them off the needle while I fix a mistake and I've used them for the heel while the rest of the stitches are still on a circ. I'd have to have 2 complete sets of the same size (I probably do, thanks to overlap in the 2 sets) if I want to work on 2 @ a time and that's the only way I can be sure they look like a pair.

I used some really skinny needles and knitted crochet thread just for grins and giggles. That was way cool. I've been thinking about what to knit with the thread.
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