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Originally Posted by Jan in CA View Post
I don't even know if that possible. I think if I wanted to do two at a time I'd make two separate socks at one time.this is actually what I do with ML socks. Then I can just carry one at a time.
Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
Probably not possible on one set of dpns. So you use two separate ML and do one sock on each but do them at the same time? That would be sort of like using 2 sets of dpns and doing the same thing. It seems kind of confusing to me.

2 in 1 socks on dpns; one inside the other socks on dpns; two at once socks on dpns - 1 of 5

Ha! ha! I knew about something and Jan didn't! neener neener. I feel so grown up today.

Someone mentioned this in a thread some time back...months? a year? I came across this video on youtube. I have to watch it now. Curiosity can be such a time suck, but when you're near comatose like I am today, it's cheap entertainment.

ETA: I've watched the 1st video. I'm thinking it looks very awkward. Why not knit with 1 ball of yarn, slipping the 2nd sock's stitches, then go round again and knit the 2nd sock....hopefully with the correct yarn. I think this is something I might try one day just to say I did it. It looks way too easy to mess up. If I did it, I would do different color socks and then knit the mates. I think.
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