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"simple beanie"
I'm at the stage with my "super chunky" Rib Guernsey Sweater (with diamond texture) where I just have to gently iron it and then sew it up.

As I have three balls of the super chunky yarn left I decided to knit a "simple beanie" (takes 100g of yarn). I thought I'd share the pattern as it's a basic one:

It's suitable for a man with a normal sized head (suggestion that 59 cms [23 inches] is how wide it will be, but with super chunky yarn it's got a fair bit of flexibility especially if you use Cable Cast on).


13 sts and 18 rows to 10 cm [4 inches] over stocking (stockingette) stitch, using 7mm needles (circular I use).

Cast on 19 sts, work 28 rows in stocking(ette) stitch. Cast off loosely. If less sts use smaller needles, if more sts use bigger.


Using 6mm needles cast on 71 sts.
Work 14 rows stocking st.
! change to 7mm needles
Continue in stocking st until work measures 22 cm [8.5 inches] (8 cm [3 and an 8th inches] has been allowed for roll at lower edge), ending with a purl row.


Row 1 - K1, *K2tog, K5* - rep ** to end ... 61 sts
Row 2 - purl
Row 3 - K1, *K2tog, K4* - rep ** to end ... 51 sts
Row 4 - purl
Row 5 - K1, *K2tog, K3* - rep ** to end ... 41 sts
Row 6 - purl
Row 7 - K1, *k2tog, K2* - rep ** to end ... 31 sts
Row 8 - purl
Row 9 - K1, *K2tog, K1* - rep ** to end ... 21 sts
Row 10 - purl
Row 11 - K1, K2tog 10 times ... 11 sts
Row 12 - P1, P2tog 5 times ... 6 sts

Break off yarn, leaving a long end. Run end through remaining sts, draw up tightly and fasten off securely.


Using a wool needle, sew in all ends. Back-stitch, join seam, reversing seam for first 8cm at cast on edge (this is important as the edge is rolled up and your back stitch needs to remain hidden). Allow fabric to roll to to right side.

This pattern was my mother's and she used it when teaching basic knitting to students. Super chunky yarn she would have used was handspun merino. For this, I suggest a 10 or 12 ply yarn. Make sure you do your tension/guage ...
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